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Our Mission
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The following five principles guide and organize the ways in which Habitus shows up in the world. Under each principle a few sentences describe its intent. Team members with novel ideas for achieving each principle are encouraged to experiment.
1 / Focus on mission
Habitus exists for one reason: to equip change-making individuals and organizations to drive systems-level transformation within the areas of environmental sustainability and social justice. We make decisions about Habitus governance and operations based on these same objectives: supporting regenerative natural systems and doing work in a way that is equitable, just, and inclusive. (See B Corp Certification below)
2 / Walking the talk on interest based collaboration
We believe in the skills that we teach, coach, and deploy at work. Because of this confidence, we use these skills in all areas of our lives: teaching, within Habitus, running client projects, and in our personal lives. We do not teach, nor do we advocate for, skills or approaches that we do not deploy in all areas of our lives.
3 / Empowering individual transformation
We empower all who engage with Habitus to implement the skills and mindsets that we teach. Changing individual behavior is challenging. We support one another and our clients in meeting concrete goals and improving relationships through enacting behaviors that are more interests based and collaborative.
4 / Human centered work
At Habitus, we treat all the people with whom we interact as humans first! We assume that everyone is motivated, creative, inspired and responsible. In order to bring out the best in our team we support each other in living rich and balanced lives both at work and beyond. We embrace the self-management idea of people positivity: When mistakes happen, as they will, rather than ask: "What is wrong with you?" we ask instead "What support or adjustments to our systems do you need in order to show up fully?" Humans show up differently depending on the way we are treated.
5 / Excellence and consistency in execution
In order to fulfill our mission and to honor our commitment to those with whom we interact, we hold high standards around integrity, quality of our product delivery and, supporting these, excellent organization and task management.
Self Management At Habitus
Habitus Incorporated practices self management. This is a system of organizational management that prioritizes autonomy, trust, and transparency. Individual employees have a set of roles and responsibilities for which they have full decision making authority. Important company decisions get made by a circle of employees that includes all full-time employees. The values of self management are:
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A well-articulated and inspiring purpose brings together and aligns all stakeholders.
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We seek to establish trusting relationships, and to repair trust when it is strained. We work to foster a sense of "psychological safety" throughout the team.
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A strong sense of fairness and the removal of privileges supports inclusion and creates balance around opportunity and rewards.
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This shows up two ways. We strive for authenticity by bringing our whole selves to work. And we think and act holistically, employing systems thinking rather than reductionism.
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Important in two ways: decisions are made by consent rather than consensus; and everyone has a right to consent regarding their own work and deadlines.
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Every decision (i.e. every experiment) is an opportunity for individual and organizational learning; so we observe, measure, review and discuss our successes and our mistakes.
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We don’t need to protect people from sensitive information, rather we need to trust them with that information so they can make better decisions every day.
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A belief that people and teams should have the freedom to decide what they work on and how they accomplish their work.
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Experimentation and Iteration
As human beings, we're not very good at predicting the future. So instead of predict-and-control, we shift to sense-and-respond behaviors. We create lots of 'safe to try' experiments with feedback loops, and we iterate our way into the future.
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Distributed authority and accountability
Moving decision-making closer to the edges of the organization increases speed and generates more innovation. With this authority comes accountability, which is practiced through "working out loud."
Habitus Is A Certified B Corp
Habitus is proud to be a certified B Corp. Certified B Corporations® (B Corps™) are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. As of February 2021, there are more than 3,790 B Corps in 150 industries and 71 countries around the world.
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